Addictions & Mental Health Outreach Services Medicine Hat (Adult)

Addictions & Mental Health Outreach Services, located in the RCC Building at 631 Prospect Drive SW (behind the hospital). Offers programming, services and treatment to promote and encourage positive lifestyles and improved quality of life, though an inclusive, client centered, harm reduction approach.

Community Support Program: Community based support for individuals living with a mental illness and/or addiction. The primary goal is to promote wellness, encourage and foster independence, build client capacity, and improve quality of life in the community by providing assistance consistent with clients’ abilities, goals and available resources.

Recreation Program: To offer support to individuals with a mental illness and/or addiction. The primary goal of the Recreation Program is to help individuals improve/maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, increase social connections, and promote interactions while improving functioning and independence.  These programs are by zoom and will require registration by calling 403-502-8617.

Depot Clinic: Provides administration of long-acting injectable antipsychotic medication and monitoring in clinic for individuals living with a mental illness and/or addiction.  *Requires a prescription from a physician to be faxed to the clinic.*

Seniors Addiction and Mental Health Therapy Program: Provides 1:1 therapy for individuals living with a mental illness and/or addiction. This program fosters engagement, enhanced motivation and improved health by providing community based recovery-oriented therapy for individuals 65+

The 10 Keys to Happiness Group: For individuals living with mental illness and/or addiction without active delusions, psychosis or mania, who are settled with no disruptive behavior and have the cognitive capacity to participate appropriately in a group setting. Participants are willing and able to attend the group for 1 hour once a week for 10 weeks and not be under the influence of substance during the group. The groups are held on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon and require an intake prior to attending.

Access Mental Health Services:
Referral forms can be faxed to 403-592-2925. Alternatively, patients can self refer by calling 1-888-594-0211 (option 3 for south zone – for patient appointment bookings only)

Central access requires a referral application, the generic form below can be used and faxed to 403-592-2925.

All participants need to register for any services by calling 403-502-8617.



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