About Palliser PCN

Palliser PCN would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy and the people of Treaty 7 region of southern Alberta.  We would like to acknowledge and honour the homeland of the Metis people.  We would like to acknowledge the traditional knowledge holders and elders who are still with us today and those who have gone before us.

The Palliser Primary Care Network supports health homes in south-eastern Alberta. A group of ~ 100 family physicians and over 70 health care professionals work together to improve primary care for our patients.

Physicians participate in interdisciplinary health home teams which have other health care providers working out of physician clinic locations to collaborate with physicians in the delivery of primary care services.

Who is on my health home team?

Your team will include a physician. Your team may also include a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, dietitian, pharmacist and/or behavioural health consultant. As a member of the Palliser PCN your health care provider(s) will remain abreast of best/promising practices and current guidelines in providing your primary care.

Your specific care will be determined by your specific health needs and will include a thorough assessment of your condition. Your team will work collaboratively with you to develop strategies and goals to assist in optimizing your health journey. Some of these strategies may include health counselling, education, and referrals.

We value patients as partners and advocate for a team-based approach to responsibly provide efficient, effective, and innovative resources to support our Health Homes.

For more information on primary care in Alberta:

PCNs: visit Accelerating Change Transformation Team

For the most recent Palliser PCN Annual Report, please see below.

Board Members

Dr. Monty Van der Westhuizen


Cheryl Andres


Dr. Fredrykka Rinaldi


Dr. Vince Elgersma


Dr. Morgan Osborne


Dr. Douwe Kits


Dr. Catherine Horsman


Varley Weisman


Colin Zieber


Dr. Carl Nohr


Dr. Donovan Nunweiler


Central office staff

Treena Klassen

Executive Director
P: (403) 580-3825
F: (403) 580-3825

Abbie Skrove

Patients’ Medical Home Optimization Director
P: (403) 580-3825
F: (403) 580-3825

Shea Wilks

Patients’ Medical Home Optimization Manager
P: (403) 580-3825 ext 224
F: (403) 580-3825 – shea.wilks@palliserpcn.ca

Gabrielle Eresman

Education and Clinical Supervisor
P: (403) 580-3825 x 230
F: (403) 580-3825

Lori Frelick

Practice Improvement Facilitator
P: (403) 580-3825 x 228
F: (403) 580-3825

Sonia McCue

Practice Improvement Facilitator
P: (403) 580-3825 x 229
F: (403) 580-3825

Brandon Pitkanen

P: 403-580-3825 ext 225
F: 403-580-3825

Brandi Schmaltz

Executive Assistant
P: (403) 580-3825 x 226
F: (403) 580 3825

Ashleigh Lawson

Financial Clerk/Admin Assistant
P: (403) 580-3825 x 227
F: (403) 580-3825

Chantal Ryckman

P: 403-580-3825 ext 237
F: 403-580-3825

Public documents

2019-20 Palliser PCN Annual Report

2021-24 Palliser PCN Business Plan

Other Health Professionals

A list of Palliser PCN Registered Health Professionals working in health homes.


A list of Palliser PCN member physicians working in health homes.