Therapeutic Recreation & Aquatic Program – Medicine Hat

Offers various group programming opportunities for individuals who experience recreation and leisure barriers. Helps people with physical, social, emotional, and mental challenges that affect their leisure activity by assessing their needs and strengths, developing, following and evaluating a therapy plan.

Referral is done by physician and form can be found below. A Recreation Therapist will contact the individual to complete a screen and assessment prior to determine each individual’s leisure needs.

Programs and services available:


Provides individuals who experience physical and/or emotional barriers the opportunity to participate in a safe, meaningful, and structured therapy that promotes relaxation, self-reflection, and improved physical functioning through the use of Yoga movements and guided meditation. The focus is on improving physical and emotional wellness and promoting leisure independence through the discovery of a mind-body connection. This therapy is intended to target individuals who experience chronic pain, however the program is also designed to treat individuals who experience various mental and physical health considerations.

Aquatic Therapy

Provides a safe, individualized/group aquatic exercise program in the community that focuses on improving physical, social, and leisure independence. Please note that this program often has a waitlist. (Aquatic Therapy is currently on hold)

Walking to Wellness

Provides a structured, supportive, community exercise program that focuses on physical fitness and/or balance and healthy living education for clients with chronic disease. The focus is on improving physical, social and leisure independence and prepare for self-management and transition to a community program.

Expressive Arts

Provides individuals with barriers to leisure engagement the opportunity to express their ideas, emotions, thoughts and feelings through artistic expression and creative means. Using a leisure modality, designed to offer a creative outlet and an opportunity to appreciate the arts.

Therapeutic Writing (program will run on demand)

Provides the opportunity for individuals to express their ideas, emotions, thoughts and feelings through journaling, verbal expression, and creative writing. (This program will run on demand)

Steps to Connect (currently on hold)

Steps to Connect is a 3-session, evidence-based interactive program created to assist people who experience barriers to participating in their communities in learning ways to strengthen connections through meaningful and enjoyable recreation. Over three sessions, participants are guided to identify enjoyable recreation activities that promote their wellbeing, find places in the community to pursue those activities, plan and participate in a group activity together, learn about local resources, understand the many benefits of recreation, and create their own plan for connecting to their community. Steps to Connect is designed to address risks for social isolation by focusing on enhancing the sense of belonging and self-determined activity participation.

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