Sanare Centre – (formerly SARC)

We are a service provider to promote healing within sexual abuse victims. Nobody who experiences sexual, domestic or personal trauma should ever feel alone. We bring trauma survivors and supporters together in the spirit of healing.  We use empathy, compassion and experience to help navigate the support system, and to make communities safer and more resilient through education, advocacy, and calls to action. 

Services Provided

Victim Navigation Services:
Sanare Centre’s Victim’s Navigation Specialists can help you explore your choices around medical care, reporting to police, sexual trauma-specific therapy services, and other resources available.

Group Therapy

  • Healing House – for youth, held weekly
  • Sexual Trauma and Recovery (STAR) – For adult women, held weekly
  • Courage Group – For adult men experiencing addiction or impacted by sexual trauma, held weekly
  • Positive Affirmation Through Healing (PATH) – For adults. Builds on skills learned through STAR and one-on-one therapy.

Education Programs
The sooner that more people know about the causes and impacts of trauma, the sooner survivors can access support to better their outcomes. Education and training are critical components of wrap-around trauma support programming. We offer these high-value workshops to increase awareness and learning about trauma prevention, support and survival. 

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For more information please phone 403-548-2717