Stroke Early Supported Discharge Program & Community Rehab Program (Stroke & Brain Injury Support Team)

In-home therapy offered to stroke survivors to assist them in their recovery immediately after the event or 1 year+ post-stroke, if they continue to have challenges.

Early Supported Discharge (ESD) Program
Provides in-home therapy to stroke survivors who have been referred from hospital upon discharge. This program is intended for clients with mild to moderate deficits due to a recent stroke (must have had a recent stroke within the past 3 months).

Community Rehabilitation (CR)
Provides in-home therapy to stroke survivors who are at risk for needing increased care due to a previous stroke (must have had a stroke 1 year+ and be at risk for requiring increased levels of care in the community.)

In both programs, clients actively participate in setting goals for their therapy, which may continue up to 8 weeks. Stroke specialists also provide support with overcoming barriers, reintegration within the community and transfer of care to outpatient rehabilitation and/or community services for continued support.

For more information about referrals, please call 403-502-8648, ext 1297
Fax: 403-529-8021

Click here for information about driving after a stroke.


Stroke and Brain Injury combined referral

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