Fetal Alchol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Assessment & Diagnostic Clinics

Across the province, there are a number of assessment and diagnostic clinics available for individuals who are seeking a diagnosis of FASD.

Assessment and diagnostic services may or may not lead to a confirmed diagnosis under the spectrum of FASD. The process of diagnosis for FASD includes assessment in areas such as cognitive and executive functioning, as well as attention and memory. The diagnostic process also includes a collection of medical and social history for the individual.

Diagnostic services are best completed by a multi-disciplinary team whose members include a physician/pediatrician, psychologist and other professionals, depending on the age of the individual.

An FASD diagnosis may not be immediately available, in cases where:

  • a child is too young to be diagnosed
  • there is not enough information
  • prenatal alcohol exposure is unknown

Medicine Hat Assessment and Diagnostic Clinic:
Children’s Fetal Alcohol Services
Bridges Family Programs
477 3rd Street SE, Medicine Hat AB T1A 0G8
Phone: 403-526-7473

See the Bridges adult and child services brochures below.

Brooks Assessment and Diagnostic Clinic:
SPEC Association for Children & Families
Community Cultural Centre
Suite 101, 327 – 3 Street West, Brooks, AB T1R 0E7
Phone: 403-362-5056

Lethbridge Assessment and Diagnostic Clinic:
Lethbridge Family Services (Adult & Children)
1107 – 2 Avenue A North, Lethbridge AB T1H 0E6
Phone: 403-320-9119


Adult - FASD Assessment and Support Services Brochure

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Child - FASD Assessment and Support Services Brochure

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