Tummy Tamers – IBS Management

We teach individuals living with IBS to better understand their triggers which can then help to manage their symptoms and live a life that is not dominated by their IBS. 

Jennifer Paterson has been a Registered Dietitian (College of Dietitians of BC & College of Dietitians of Alberta) for over 20 years and has helped many individuals one-on-one live more confidently with few symptoms of IBS. She has now created an online program that can help greater numbers of those suffering from IBS which will take them through a step by step process to identify their triggers and manage their symptoms. 

Our 16-week online IBS management course will help you navigate IBS and learn more about

·       Common symptoms if IBS and where you fit

·       How to identify your key triggers

·       Manage your symptoms

·       Cook with confidence

·       Build beneficial support networks

·       Build your toolkit to manage and live well 

Please see the attached flyer for registration and program information.


Tummy Tamers Flyer

187 KB, pdf