Caregivers Alberta

Do you assist a family member or friend with challenges resulting from illness, disability or aging? We’re here for you.

As an organization of caregivers for caregivers, we understand how hard providing care can be. Whether you’re looking for someone to talk to, trying to find resources, or want to better manage the stress of providing care—we can help.

Services we provide:

  • Compass Program – COMPASS is a supportive multi-session workshop facilitated by someone who understands how difficult caregiving can be. We discuss dealing with guilt and grief, managing stress, improving communication, navigating the system and planning for the journey ahead.
  • Caregiver Coaches – Our Caregiver Coaches are someone you can talk to one-on-one for support. They will be a listening ear, help you navigate the system, find resources, advocate for yourself, and help support your health and well-being.
  • Caregiver Support Community – The Caregiver Support Community is an online program that aims to empower caregivers well-being by providing a supportive group where you can connect with other caregivers, have open conversations about the ups and downs of caregiving, and learn about topics relevant to caregivers. This group is lead by a trained facilitator who is there to help guide your caregiving journey by way of education and support. Caregiver Support Community groups are offered three times a week- on Monday morning, Tuesday evening, and Thursday afternoon. You can see our upcoming dates and RSVP for a group here!
  • Online Workshops – We understand that as a caregiver it can be difficult to attend in-person supports. Our Caring for the Caregiver: Online Workshop Series brings the support to you- wherever you are.Caregivers Alberta hosts online workshops through the free platform Zoom. Check out our calendar to see upcoming online workshops!
  • Well Connected: An at Home Day Program – Well Connected offers recreation day programming in a virtual community-based setting every Wednesday from 10-11AM. No matter your age or where you are in the province, you can stay connected by participating in activities, education, and friendly conversation. Both caregivers and care recipients are welcome to participate! Click here to register.

For more information please contact at:
Phone: 780-453-5088
Toll-Free: 877-453-5088