Persons With Developmental Disabilities

Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) helps adults with developmental disabilities get services to live as independently as possible in their community. A PDD worker will help with creating an Outcome Plan and Individual Support Plan, as well as regularly reviewing your needs and updating your plans as needed.

You may access one or more of these services based on your Individual Support Plan:

  • home living supports that help you do daily activities like banking, caring for your home, making meals or laundry
  • respite services to give your caregivers a break when you live with them fulltime
  • community access supports that help you take part in activities so you can learn, develop, relax, have fun or be with others
  • employment supports to learn new skills and find and keep a paid job
  • short-term support or training to give you caregivers extra help when things are difficult
  • specialized supports from experts to help if you have additional needs because of mental illness, behavioural issues, addictions and/or involvement with the law.

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