Friends of Medicare

Friends of Medicare is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta as the Alberta Society of the Friends of Medicare (FOM).

FOM is a provincial coalition of individuals, service organizations, social justice groups, unions, associations, churches and other organizations whose goal is to raise public awareness on concerns related to Medicare in Alberta and Canada.

Their objectives include:

  • to raise awareness of issues related to Medicare in Alberta and Canada
  • To collect and share information, and lobby governments to maintain a health care system that adheres to the spirit and the letter of the Canada Health Act
  • to promote the primary objective of Canadian health care policy; to protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well-being of the residents of Canada, and to facilitate access to health services without financial or other barriers.
  • to encourage governments to address the broad determinants of health
  • to encourage governments to expand and improve our public health care system
  • to oppose investor-owned, for-profit, two-tiered or private health care

Chapter Chair: Diane MacNaughton
Phone: 403-928-6638