Veterans Affairs Canada

Veterans Affairs Canada’s mandate is to support the well-being of Veterans and their families, and to promote recognition and remembrance of the achievements and sacrifices of those who served Canada in times of war, military conflict and peace. To achieve this mandate, the Department focuses on its four main roles:

  • Provide leadership as a champion of Veterans, and administer and coordinate needed benefits and services; whether through the Government of Canada or in partnership with provincial and community programs and non-governmental organizations.
  • Help Veterans access the supports and services they need, from all levels of government and the community at large, and maintain a leadership role in the care and support of all Veterans and their families.
  • Listen to the suggestions of Veterans, their representatives and stakeholders to guide work and research, and strive to design and deliver programs that meet the modern and changing needs of Veterans and their families.
  • Engage Canadians of all ages in paying tribute to Veterans and those who died in service, ensuring that the legacy of their tremendous contributions to peace and freedom is preserved for generations to come.

Veterans Affairs Canada fulfills its mandate and role through the delivery of programs such as disability benefits, financial benefits, rehabilitation, pension advocacy, education, and training supports. The Department also works to commemorate the achievements and sacrifices of Canadians during periods of war, military conflict and peace.

Veterans Affairs Canada serves a highly diverse group, reflecting the remarkable breadth of Canada’s contributions to world peace, including:


  • Armed Forces and Merchant Navy Veterans who served during the First World War, Second World War or Korean War;
  • Former and current members of the Canadian Forces, including those who served in Special Duty Areas and in peacekeeping; and
  • Allied Veterans who:
    • have served with one of the Allied forces during the Second World War or the Korean War; and
    • have lived in Canada for at least 10 years or lived in Canada prior to enlisting.


  • Civilians who are entitled to benefits because of their war time services;
  • Former and, in certain cases, serving members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; and
  • Survivors and dependents of the previous groups.

Veterans Affairs Canada also assists members of the public who request information regarding departmental programs, services and activities.

Phone: 1-866-522-2122