Diagnostic Imaging Services (Alberta Health Services)

Services Available:

  • CT Request
  • General X-Ray Request
  • Image-guided interventional procedures request
  • MRI Request
  • Nuclear Medicine Request
  • PET/CT Imaging Request
  • Ultrasound Request

Big Country Hospital (Oyen)
Phone: 403-664-4311
Fax: 403-664-4326

Bow Island Health Centre
Phone: 403-545-3209
Fax: 403-545-2281

Brooks Health Centre
Phone: 403-501-3218
Fax: 403-501-3365

Medicine Hat Regional Hospital
Phone: 403-529-8850
Fax Numbers:
X-Ray: 403-529-8078
CT/Ultrasound/Image-guided interventional procedures request/Fluoroscopy: 403-529-8017
MRI/Nuclear Medicine Request: 403-502-8267

Not all services are available at all locations.

A referral is needed to access this service.

A completed requisition for the test must be provided by a doctor or other authorized healthcare practitioner, please fax to the appropriate location.