Alberta Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

The Alberta Colorectal Cancer Screening Program is a provincial screening program that works to educate and increase the number of Albertans, aged 50 to 74, who have regular colorectal cancer screening using the Fecal Immunochemical Test. This is a home stool test (poop test) that finds blood in the stool. Screening is the best way to find colorectal cancer early.

Services include:

  • working with healthcare providers to support Albertans aged 50 to 74 in getting colorectal cancer screening across the province.
  • providing colorectal cancer screening information and education to eligible Albertans and healthcare providers.
  • mailing Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) result letters (normal and abnormal results) to eligible men and women who have been screened.

We work with Medicine Hat and surrounding area family physicians who send a referral to us for you to have a colonoscopy done after a FIT test is positive or if surveillance is needed. We offer screening colonoscopy services in Medicine Hat and Brooks.

Medicine Hat Colorectal Cancer Screening Clinic

666 5 Street SW | Medicine Hat, AB | T1A 4H6
Phone: 403-529-8016
Fax: 403-528-5644

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