Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)

​Our dedicated specialists provide a wide range of programs and services Canadians need to see beyond vision loss, build their independence and lead the lives they want. We can help with vision loss rehabilitation, emotional support, programs to help you stay active and independent, or the chance to connect with others who are living with sight loss.

Specialized Technical Equipment Program (STEP)
STEP provides assistive technology for home use to Albertans with significant vision loss. The program requires you to contribute 25 percent of the cost of any equipment you receive, up to a maximum of $500, unless you are low income or receiving assistance.

To be eligible for STEP, you must be registered with CNIB, be a resident of Alberta, be covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, and unable to obtain funding from another source. The degree of vision loss is also a factor; we must have a copy of your current eye report.

Please note: If you are deafblind, there is specialized equipment available to you. Applicants seeking to replace or duplicate working equipment they already own are not eligible.
Application deadlines are May 31, September 30, and January 15.​

For more information about CNIB programs please contact 1-800-563-2642