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Fall Prevention with Walking on Ice

As a leading cause of injury, falls are a significant issue across all age groups in Alberta. In 2019, 161,539 Albertans visited ERs and Urgent Care Centres with 18,702 hospitalized due to a fall. There is an increased risk of falls in the winter with slippery conditions, ice and snow. Melting snow can cause a thin layer of ice that is hard to see. Always try to find a path around the snow or ice when you can. There are a few simple tips to prevent falls when walking on icy sidewalks, roadways and stairs.

  • Take it slow
  • Take short steps
  • Wear sturdy foot wear with ankle support and slip resistant soles
  • Use arms for balance; if carrying items try to use a back pack to keep balanced and arms free
  • Keep your head up; don’t lean forward
  • Walk on cleared walkways; avoid short cuts that have not be cleared
  • If using a cane, purchase an ice pick to attach to the bottom

Have you heard the phrase “Walk like a Penguin”? Our little tuxedo wearing friends are low and slow and take small steps when walking on ice. Point your feet outward, legs apart, walk flat footed and take short steps, use your arms for balance. 10s of millions of penguins can’t be wrong!

Stay safe out there and walk like a penguin!


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  2. http://myhealth.alberta.ca/Alberta/Pages/winter-walking-tips.aspx

The Central Office team volunteered an afternoon at The Root Cellar making over 600 muffins for the brown bag lunch program. We were honoured to be able to help out such a great program!

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