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Happy New Year!

Here we are again, the start of a new year and the daunting task for some – making those NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.   Merriam-Webster tells us: “New Year’s resolutions have existed since the early 19th century, and perhaps as far back as the late 17th century. Not only were people making resolutions 200 years ago, but they were also breaking them …much like today.” (1)  So why, if resolutions date that far back, do we continue to struggle to make them and keep them, or better still – how can we be successful in keeping them?

Is it possible that we are being unrealistic with our goals, or that we are not approaching goal setting in a constructive way?  To make goals that are truly meaningful, attainable and realistic, we need to go back and assess what is important to us as individuals, as family and community members.  What do we really value in our lives, from our perspective.

Reach out to the health home team at your family doctor’s clinic. You have an amazing group of dedicated team members who appreciate it is ultimately your decision and will help you tease out a realistic resolution that fits your values. They can provide resources, strategies to help you be successful and ongoing encouragement if the first attempts you make are not yet successful.

Above all – be kind to yourself.  It may be a new year but each day is a NEW DAY and the opportunity for a new start. “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.” (2).

Wishing you and yours peace, joy, happiness and HEALTH in the New Year!



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