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World Obesity Day

Ozempic has been called the “miracle” drug. You may have heard that “everyone’s on it!” from celebrities, neighbors or friends. It has become popular in the last two years because it may help with weight loss. However, it is controversial because Ozempic is not yet approved as a weight loss drug. Its intended use is as a medication to treat diabetes.

In 2018, Health Canada approved Ozempic, a once weekly injection. It can be prescribed along with diet and exercise to improve outcomes in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus (1). In addition to its positive effects on blood glucose and diabetes, it also:

  • reduces hunger, appetite and cravings
  • slows down digestion, increasing feelings of fullness for longer
  • lowers the risk of heart disease (2)

While there is promise that Ozempic may be approved for weight loss, we are not there just yet. There are still some unknowns like: what happens if you discontinue the medication? Is the weight loss permanent? What happens with long term use? We are closer to getting answers each day. There are also other things to be considered like cost, supply and side effects like nausea.

As obesity rates continue to have a large impact, Ozempic gives people hope for another tool to start their weight loss journey.

For information and support with weight loss options, including medication, diet and exercise, speak to your health home team.


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This fabulous art piece was provided by Little Explorer’s Preschool. 
Our staff have commented that this amazing pot of gold fills them with happiness and joy as they walk by it each day. 
“You cannot feel cranky when you look at the rainbow made from many tiny, caring hands.” 
Art and creative expression have been shown to increase positivity and elevate mood. 
Like so many others, we at the PCN have found ourselves challenged to maintain a positive, optimistic and healthy perspective. 
One of the ways we are supporting ourselves is through engaging our community to share their art with us. 
Over the next year you will see a rotating display of locally curated art. 
We invite PCN employees, physicians and board members to stop by and see our changing art installations.
Thank you Linda and Little Explorer’s Preschool for our inaugural art piece.

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