Oneball Patient Assistance Fund

Oneball Calgary offers financial assistance to testicular cancer patients in Alberta by helping them pay for medications and other expenses.

The Oneball Patient Financial Assistance Fund offers up to $4,500 worth of financial assistance to patients per calendar year. Applicants can apply up to three times per year, with each application requesting a maximum of $1,500. Some examples of applicable expenses include:

  • Transportation or parking related to an applicant’s appointments or treatment at his applicable cancer clinic
  • Temporary accommodation during treatment
  • Prescription medications related to cancer treatment that are not covered by insurance
  • Childcare services during treatment
  • Supportive care, including counseling services or cancer support courses for the applicant as well as his partner and children
  • Rent or mortgage payments that are 30 days in arrears
  • Grocery gift cards
  • Sperm banking prior to treatment
  • Documentation of additional expenses not listed above or in the full Oneball Patient-Assistant Fund Guideline can be submitted and will be considered

While the funding can go to any applicant who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer, priority will be given to those actively undergoing treatment.

See website for more information.


Oneball Patient Assistance Fund Application Form

571 KB, pdf