Canadian Mental Health Association – Alberta Southeast Region

​The Canadian Mental Health Association provides the following services and programs:

  • mental health education
  • youth support
  • sexual assault education
  • suicide prevention program
  • support groups

The Canadian Mental Health Association now provides support and learning programs through their new Recovery College. These centres are designed to be supportive learning environments: you are welcome, whatever your mental health goals. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Currently, in the Alberta Southeast Region, we offer the courses listed below, with more coming soon:

  • Art of Friendship – Strong friendships give us the power to be our true selves; when we have strong friendships, we feel respected and valued and we work hard to find ways to show our friends that we respect and value them. Strong friendships take work! This 8-week course will help you learn about yourself, what you say, the way you act, and how all of your actions can affect relationships with others. Focusing on these aspects helps us gain confidence in our relationships and we will be more likely to achieve our friendship goals.
  • Confront the Discomfort – Whether we like it or not, anxiety and stress are a normal part of life, but they can also get in the way of us enjoying life. In this 3-session course, you will learn how to value, recognize, and respond with awareness to emotions by learning positive coping strategies through meditation and grounding techniques in order to support healing and growth.
  • Road to Recovery – The road to recovery is not an easy path. It is a journey of re-inventing how you think about yourself, your mental health, or substance use. Your recovery can be challenging! Throughout this course, you will explore how to think and act in ways that move you towards a more meaningful life.
  • Whispers of Wellness – A group for people living with mental health issues. This is an open group, which means you can join at any time and you are not required to attend every meeting. WOW provides opportunities to learn more about coping with mental health issues while meeting people who have similar experiences.
  • Caregiver Connections – Caregiver Connections provides peer support for anyone supporting a loved one who is struggling with mental health or addictions.
  • Hope & Healing After Suicide Loss – Losing a loved one to suicide can often leave us feeling confused, angry, and alone. This support group provides an opportunity to explore and share feelings with others who have also experienced a loss due to suicide.

For more information or to register for a workshop you can visit the Canadian Mental Health Association Recovery College website by clicking here or call 403-504-1811.

We are excited to announce we will be offering Skills for Safer Living from May 3rd – May 24th, Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm-8:00pm at Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Southeast Region! 

Please find attached the promotional poster and referral/registration form for your reference. The group has also been posted on our social media:  Please share & help us promote the group!



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