Levitee Clinic Medicine Hat (formerly ACT Medical Clinic)

We are a community based organization focused on treating people with opioid use disorder, chronic pain, and mental health issues.
ACT has established Care Teams at each of our clinic locations to serve our patients. The Care Teams are comprised of our medical director, physicians, nurses, and medical office assistants (MOA’s). They provide our specialized treatment services as well as provide our patients:
  1. Access to recovery programs/beds
  2. Access to AISH programs
  3. Access to case workers
  4. Access to other social supports such as housing support, food services, dental care, and more
Recovery is the focus of our policies and practices.

Patients are encouraged to self refer or a physician can call or fax over patient details.

Phone: 403-504-1874

Fax: 403-504-5038

Click here for the online fillable referral form